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Green Stuff

The Green Stuff- Our Philosophy
Our Sustainable Tourism Policy
Green house gases (c) Sue PrinceWe are here once on this planet, we don't get a second chance; we have to do it right this time. We have no right to wreck our environment. Our forebears brought us to this point, we need to enable our children and their children to have good lives and revel in the beauty and majesty of this miraculous planet.

We live here in a beautiful place in the Peak District National Park, an area recognised by the nation as an exceptionally valuable landscape. We have the opportunity to try and live in this beautiful place in a way that improves our environment, uses our resources efficiently and creates as little waste as possible. We are certainly not perfect but are on a journey towards improving what we do and how we do it.

By farming organically we want to work in sympathy with nature- we don't want to fight or try and bend nature to our needs. Nature provides everything we humans need.

It is very important to us that we share our place with you - after all what is the point of standing alone in a lovely place saying 'wow isn't this lovely!!' We are proud of our place, proud of our eco-ventures and we delight in sharing it with you.
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How are we doing Eco-Wise?
We would love to hear what you think about your stay at Beechenhill and any ideas you have seen elsewhere that would make your stay better for you and the planet. Please give us your ideas and opinions about our eco performance.
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So what do we do?
We won Green Hotelier 2013!
  • We are trying to operate without oil and have consequently reduced our carbon footprint from 41 to 14.4 tons- yeah!!
  • We have a big wood boiler providing heating and hot water to all our accommodation and haybarn. This means you can be as warm as toast any time of day or night!
  • We are only using oil in our Rayburn now and that has a new burner that uses 60% less oil.
  • We have two 4 kw solar Photovoltaic arrays on a cowshed roof providing about half of our electricity.

Food Purchasing

  • 1st Seasonal Local organic
  • 2nd Local
  • 3rd UK organic
  • 4th UK
  • 5th Fair trade
  • We compost all uncooked food waste in our vegetable garden. The compost is used in our vegetable garden to help grow our extra delicious fruit and veg!
  • Cooked food is collected and recycled


We have somewhere for you to recycle

  • Glass
  • Cans
  • Paper
  • Cooked food waste
  • Cardboard
  • Food packaging
  • *Tetra packs
  • Batteries
  • Light bulbs
Our business recycles
  • All the above
  • All the farm plastic (including the polythene that wraps the clean laundry deliveries)
  • Printer cartridges
  • Towels, when your lovely white towels get a bit worn and and marked, we dye them and use them for our family or the sauna or pass them on to local people.
  • All our big stuff when we refurbish, we hand useful things on to others at Freecycle, sofas, bed linen, chairs, kitchen equipment etc
At Beechenhill our lovely cotton bed linen is laundered by Porters Laundry of Leek. We chose them carefully, after interviewing several contenders.
We chose Porters because:
  • They were the best at looking after their environment and community.
  • They don't release their water into the drainage system, they have a holding tank and they recycle it.
  • They use non-bio detergents
  • They have a new 'green' dry-cleaning machine (its fully sealed and doesn't allow chemicals to enter the atmosphere)
  • Where possible they use low energy lighting
  • They employ local people, most for over 10 years now.

Where we can:

  • We purchase local food
  • We use local suppliers and contractors
  • Our employees are from our community
  • We use eco-friendly cleaning products, dishwasher powder and washing powder
  • We use rain water for some toilet flushing
  • We have dual flushes on most WCs
  • We use wood for heating, we replaced 5 immersion heaters and 2 old oil boilers.
  • We have optimum insulation - some of it local sheep wool
  • We buy in bulk
  • We only use recycled paper
  • We can arrange to pick you up from Ashbourne bus station if you come by public transport
  • We will pick you up from the pub by arrangement so you can walk there
  • We take card payments and pay bills by bacs, lessening trips to the bank
  • We communicate by email thus reducing paper
We supply you with:
  • Local foods and local ready-meals from local environmentally friendly businesses
  • Breakfast on big platters so you can take as much or as little as you want, reducing wastage
  • Our own homemade jams
  • Cloth napkins to reduce paper waste
  • Our own organic fresh milk (no plastic milk pots here!)
  • Silk flowers, long life beautiful orchids or local or garden flowers
  • (Lovely) refillable, environmental toiletries
  • Recycled kitchen rolls and toilet roll
  • *Table mats made from recycled Tetra packs!
  • Heating and lashings of hot water from efficient big wood boiler and mini district main
  • Double glazed windows and insulating window shutters or heavy lined curtains where possible
  • All low energy and LED light bulbs
  • Wind up torches
  • Where possible, we have used low rated appliances to reduce energy consumption
  • Eco friendly washing powder, cleaning products and washing up liquid
  • Electric Bicycles, so you can whiz about the lanes and byways without getting too puffed
  • Safe storage for your bikes
  • A Beechenhill Bag for your lovely local shopping
  • Lots of information about local walks, public transport and where to buy local products
  • A farm trail so you can get as passionate about our place as we are!

We Support

  • Our local community in lots of different ways: We have created a community website for our village and its businesses- please visit and see if you can use any of the services offered
  • Wetton and Alstonefield First Responders, local people trained by the ambulance service to respond immediately in emergencies. We collect funds to help them buy essential equipment
  • Practical Action - technology challenging poverty- a charity finding practical solutions for ordinary people living in difficult conditions
  • Friends of the Peak District - an independent charity whose vision is of a living, working Peak District that changes with the time but remains beautiful forever.

What can you do?

  • Appreciate our environment
  • Book our Elemental Experience in the hot tub or wood fired sauna, enjoy the natural environment outside at night too!
  • Be careful with our resources- eg: don't leave the lights on if you go out
  • Enjoy the Peak District by walking, cycling and riding
  • Obey the 'Country Code'
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
  • Be careful with our septic tank- please don't use chemicals that may kill our friendly bacteria
  • Buy local products
  • Reuse bags and please don't leave us with tons of rubbish!
  • Lobby Government to make sustainable decisions
  • Support a charity that is trying to make the world better!
How do we get green ideas?
  • We visit other green places
  • We enter competitions to help bench mark our activities
  • We browse the internet looking for inspiration
  • We ask you for help! Please Click here to take survey to let us have your ideas for how we can make our place even better for you and the planet!
How do we monitor what we do?
  • We enter competions to test ourselves and make sure we are going in the right direction.
  • We are proud to have achieved The Peak District Environmental Quality Mark, they monitor our progress every year
  • We are delighted to have achieved a Gold Award for the Green Tourism Business Scheme, they monitor our progress every two years. We try to improve our practises to improve our awards
  • We are very excited to have been twice highly commended in the Virgin Holidays Responsible Travel Awards- an international award. There were 2000 global nominations!
  • We are delighted to have won GOLD in 2013 Visit England Awards for Excellence.
  • We are very proud to have won Green Hotelier 2013!


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